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About Geturgamefix.com

Geturgamefix is a Chicago, Illinois based company that specializes in the modifying of gaming controllers and accessories. The custom modified controller line of Geturgamefix is specifically designed to help enhance the game play of the users and take advantage of certain button combinations or glitches in games. The prime focus of our modified controllers is rapid fire. Through ingenious programming, our controllers have the ability to take single shot and semi-automatic weapons and turn them into fully automatic weapons. Geturgamefix provides a number of options to best suit any gamer and game.

History of Geturgamefix

Hello. My name is Scott, and I am just the average gamer. I have been playing video games all my life. I have played every system from Atari to PS3, and every game from Duck Hunt to Call of Duty 4.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. I have been into programming and playing around with electronics ever since grade school, when I learned to program using basic commands. I have come a long way since then.

A few years ago my brother and I were playing Halo 2, and we had just learned about the Double Shot. We were having difficulty doing the button combination consistently. Then we came up with the idea of programming a microchip to do the button combination for us at the push of the button. So I started doing research and a couple weeks later I had done it. I had created a modified controller that would do the Double Shot in Halo 2, as well as fast reload and rapid fire.

Since then we have developed modifications for a number of games, as well as other types of custom modifications for consoles and accessories. We have a lot of fun creating new interesting mods to improve our customers overall gaming experience. We get a great deal of gratification when we read the reviews and emails in response to how much people love our products.

We will continue to develop mods for any and every game and console we can. We are constantly working to make gaming more enjoyable for you. So if you have any questions or ideas email us. Take a look around the site and we are sure you will find something to your liking. We look forward to doing business with you, and hope you continue to look to Geturgamefix.com for your gaming needs.

Scott Anderson
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